The Kenda Group consists of three divisions:

The Kenda Group of companies are an independent, dynamic group of businesses. We offer innovative products including Electrical Metering solutions, Scanning and Print facilities and manufacture of Earth Data recording instruments.
All of whom are accredited with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO27001 and ISO45001.
Each company is managed and strategically aligned to its marketplace with headquarters in the UK.

Kenda Electronics Systems

Kenda offers customised solutions and special products for the Electricity Supply Industry including hardware, software and panel building using their comprehensive range of Metering Data Collection Equipment. Kenda also offers a range of high quality Instrumentation for Data Acquisition and Recording as well as a subcontract design and manufacturing service for custom electronic products and OEM production of special interfaces.


Let Kendata handle all of your data solutions. Whether it is paper based, electronic or a combination of both, Kendata will manage your complete solutions from design & print, right through to delivering your secure data on time.

Earth data

Earth Data specialises in the design and manufacture of data acquisition, telemetry and recording systems for scientific, industrial and medical use. A strong commitment to research and development and a desire to achieve the highest possible performance has led to our latest range of equipment for the seismic community.